A Personalized Experience

When ordering a drum, you can choose the size and the animal. I can provide guidance, but the choice is yours.   

Based on that, I select the hoop and the hide specifically for you. 

While creating the drum, I journey to the spirit of the animal to connect it with your energy and your intention. 

When it's done I help you connect with the drum. 

You will find below the different sizes and animals available. Feel free to get in touch and I will guide you through the process!  



The size influences the sound (bigger is deeper), the weight and the "transportability"


Animals have different meanings and vibrations


Freedom, drive, personal knowledge. 

The horse will bring you to new territories inside yourself. It will help you run wild and free, as you once did. 

520€ / 560€ / 720€


Determination, fearlessness, conquest. 


The ram is a great companion to reach your dreams and face your fears. It is humble, yet powerful. 

430€ / 470€ / 530€


Mother, creativity, feminine power.


The calf is soft, it relates to the cow, a strong feminine power in many traditions. Heal your wounds, heal your heart. Be yourself, in all your beauty and your vulnerability. 

430€ / 470€ / 530€

Get in Touch / Order

Send me an email so we can discuss the size and the skin or order the one you like directly. 



Presence, intuition, heart.

It’s also very present in the Celtic tradition, as a representation of the cycle of life and death and as a guide for spiritual practice.

450€ / 490€ / 550€


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