Connect With The Vibration of Your Soul


Journeying back to Ourselves

The drum has been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years. Its vibration connects us to the depth of our souls and to the heart of the Earth.   

In a world where Nature and Sacredness have been forgotten in favor of productivity and efficiency, a drum is a doorway to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.  

The beat of the drum reconnects us to our true selves. To Who we are when we are wild and free. 

Your drum will be a companion on this journey back to yourself. 


Your Drum

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Learn how to use your drum

A Labor of Love

Where the traditional and the modern worlds meet



Program manager in a tech company by day and drum maker by night, I strive to create a bridge between the "mundane" world and the "sacred" world. 

I make drums because I believe they can be that bridge. They are not limited to one culture or one belief, and they are powerful tools that help us navigate our world in the way that is right for us. 

Each drum is unique, yet there is something common to all the Omeya Drums.  This "something" is a mix of hand chosen materials, traditional craft and my own energy or "vibe". 

Whether you create, order or buy your drum, it will be the perfect fit for you and I will be honored to help you on that journey. 



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